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Accessible Mobility: 8 Tips for Choosing a Power Wheelchair

With customized and standard mobility solutions available today, clients can live a life of mobility and independence. We provide complex mobility power wheelchairs and manual rehabilitation wheelchairs for adults in the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast.
How to Choose a Power Wheelchair

How Do You Choose a Power Wheelchair?


The power wheelchair is an essential piece of equipment for those who are disabled and need mobility. There are many power wheelchairs on the market that can be confusing when choosing a power wheelchair. This blog post will help you answer questions like what features should I look for in a power wheelchair? What size chair do I need? How much does a new wheelchair cost? And more!

The 3 Types of Power Wheel Chairs



Toward the front of the seat, you’ll find the drive system. In the front are the powered drive wheels, while the casters are at the back. It is possible to drive a front-wheel-drive wheelchair over bumps and curbs up to 2 inches high. While its turning radius is not the smallest, it maneuvers well in tight spaces. If the battery is placed at the back of the chair, the chair will have a stable ride when traveling up and down slopes (to balance the load with the front wheels). When turning at high speeds this chair can fishtail even though it is known to provide good stability.

A power wheelchair’s drive system is situated in the center, below the seat, and is known as its “center drive.”. With a tight turning radius, these chairs are great for apartment living, malls, and anywhere else you might have limited space. The scooter can be maneuvered very easily indoors and outdoors on flat surfaces. Rugged terrain presents a challenge to its maneuverability. On soft terrain, the vehicle sinks and loses traction, but is stable on an incline. Transporting the chair from one place to another usually requires an accessible van or vehicle lift because it is not easily transportable. Most mid-wheel drive wheelchairs can support a weight capacity of no more than 600 pounds.


Power wheelchairs feature a rear-mounted drive system and front-mounted casters. Even at higher speeds, having the drive in the rear allows for better maneuverability. There is a greater turning radius on this model, so it requires more room to turn. Due to its directional stability, rear-wheel-drive systems do not suffer from oversteering issues because they naturally track straight. In addition, it handles rough terrain well.



What Are The Benefits Of A Power Wheelchair Over Other Types Of Wheelchairs?


Oftentimes you can customize power wheelchairs to suit your needs. Customizations may include size, maneuverability, turning radius, weight capacity, and other features that may help with mobility-related needs. Electric Wheelchairs can be used in areas that would not be accessible to someone using a manual chair such as steep inclines, sidewalks with curbs, or other obstacles. As well, they are durable enough for use outside on rough terrain depending on which power wheelchair you choose.

How To Choose The Right Powered Power Wheelchairs?

So there are some styles and features that you will want to keep in mind when shopping for a power wheelchair. Here are few features to keep in mind;

Comfort; Comfort is one of those attributes that one really must try out before purchasing.

Drive Type;

Lightweight vs Heavy Duty; do you need to move your power wheelchair around with your arms?

Standard Weight Capacity vs Bariatric Power Chairs; Bariatric power chairs are generally heavy-duty and have a high user weight capacity, some up to 500lbs.

Limited Terrain vs Versatile Terrian;

Also, the turning radius is a big consideration, a larger turning radius makes it easier to turn and maneuver but with a smaller turning radius, you can get into tighter spaces. If the wheelchair will be used indoors or outdoors on rough terrain, choose a power wheelchair that suits your needs. So what will work best for your needs and environment? Think about the environment that you dwell in the most, and places you visit frequently, and answering the following questions;

Are there a lot of bumpy curbs?

Are there steep inclines?

Are there tight spaces like bathrooms or laundry rooms?

Do you have van accessibility?

Do you like to frequent nature areas where you might need to travel through grass or dirt?

These are just some of the questions you may want to answer prior to deciding on a power wheelchair.

Who Should Use A Power Wheelchair, And Who Shouldn’t?

A power wheelchair is designed to offer a user mobility in their own home or other spaces and can be used for long periods of time. This article will give you tips on choosing the right power wheelchair, but if none of these seem appropriate then you may want to consider either a custom power wheelchair or a manual wheelchair depending on your needs. Not everyone wants to use a power wheelchair all the time such as those who prefer to maintain upper body strength via a manual wheelchair.

What’s The Difference Between An Electric Wheelchair And A Mobility Scooter?

Scooters and power chairs are two different types of mobility devices. Scooters, for example, are operated by a tiller (handles) that you control with your hands while sitting in the seat. Power chairs on the other hand can be controlled via joystick or foot pedal depending on their make and model. The type of wheelchair will depend largely upon how much range-of-motion one has available to them as each device is designed differently for accessibility around campus or wherever they may go when out into public spaces away from home.

Features Are Important

Many questions arise when considering buying either an electric scooter or a powered chair–one must understand these distinctions carefully before purchasing which product best suits their needs! One contrast between both products would be where they’re maneuvered.

Electric scooters and power wheelchairs are both forms of mobility assistance that help those who have difficulty walking. With the right features, they can offer increased stability to users so as not to fall or bump into objects around them. An electric wheelchair is often made up of six wheels for extra stability on a variety of surfaces including hardwood floors; these chairs also provide captain’s style seating which offers comfort and support while seated in any position desired by the user. Electric scooters typically only consist of three or four wheels but when combined with its lightweight frame makes it perfect for parking near entrances or navigating tight spaces like hallways where there might be obstacles such as doors – this way you don’t need an aide just yet! Unlike traditional seats found on standard wheelchairs.


Leg Room

The foot platform on electric wheelchairs can be flipped up when not in use for increased comfort. It depends on what type of mobility scooter is selected how much legroom they offer, but taller individuals will appreciate the extra space that three-wheelers provide and four-wheelers have a broader base to work with on uneven terrain which makes them better suited for all types of environments.

What are you looking for in a mobility device? An electric-powered scooter or an indoor power chair? The former can be more versatile and efficient indoors, but the latter is designed to better handle outdoor terrain. For example, consider this motorized wheelchair that’s compact with a two-wheel-drive design so it maneuvers easily inside buildings–versus something like the Quantum scooter which has suspension components (designed specifically for riding on varied terrains) and gets around outdoors well too!

Insurance vs Cash Payment

Medicare coverage for power mobility devices is a complicated topic that needs clarification. Medicare does not cover the cost of these types of equipment; however, it might be possible to receive some level of reimbursement if you can prove your medical need and schedule an appointment with your doctor who will then determine whether or not you qualify for walking aids like a cane or walker, manual wheelchairs as well as electric scooters and wheelchairs.


Where Can I Find An Affordable Power Wheelchair For Sale Near Me?

Are you looking for a power wheelchair? The power wheelchair is an important piece of equipment for those who are disabled and need mobility. There are many power wheelchairs on the market that can be confusing when looking to buy one. This blog post will help you answer questions like what features should I look for in a power wheelchair? What size chair do I need? How much does a new wheelchair cost? And more!

Access 4 Mobility offers the best selection of mobility products on the market. We have many different types of wheelchairs to choose from, so we can help you find the perfect one for your needs. Power chairs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to consider what type is right for you before making a purchase. For example, if you are limited in mobility then lightweight power chairs will be much more suitable than those designed for people who are more mobile.

Don’t hesitate to shop with us today and get your new wheelchair delivered straight to your door! Don’t forget that we also offer an extensive warranty program that covers any damage or defects caused by normal use of our product within 1 year after the purchase date. If something happens during this time period, just contact our customer service team at (772) 291-2488 and they’ll take care of everything else!

Shop now and buy a power chair from Access 4 Mobility today!


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