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What are Mobility Scooters?

If you are just getting familiar with disability scooters, here are some basics. A mobility scooter is a 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled device and design includes a comfortable seat, frame, and motor. The magnetic braking system on the mobility scooters makes coming to a stop quick and easy, so no need for a manual brake lever. When the user releases the throttle lever, the scooter automatically brakes.

There are many different types of disability scooters. In this section, we will review the most popular models. Traditional wheelchairs are made to look a certain way, but medical scooters have many different unique designs. To better serve your needs, they offer modern features that include suspension, lighting, handlebars, throttles, and rugged durability depending on the model.

Mobility Scooter Features

Mobility scooters are available with features that include a suspension system, lighting, handlebars or not, throttles, and rugged durability. Mobility scooters that have a suspension system create a smoother ride for riders with back pain. The lights on the mobility scooter make it possible for riders to see at night. Scooters with a throttle have an accelerator control that adjusts the speed of the electric motor depending on how much pressure is applied by the rider. The rugged durability of mobility scooters provides protection from wear and tear as well as weather elements.

The most popular types of mobility scooters are the traditional wheeled mobility scooter, the 4-wheel mobility scooter, and the 3-wheel mobility scooter. They are all designed with different features depending on what you are looking for. If you want a more stylish design, then choose a medical scooter. You can also purchase one which has special features including suspension systems, LED lights, and control handles. Also, some mobility scooters have a seat belt system that allows users to safely ride along the sidewalk or streets when traveling.

Mobility Scooter Safety Features

One of the many safety features of a disability scooter is the magnetic braking system. The magnetic braking system makes coming to a stop quick and easy so no need for a manual brake lever. Most disability scooters have dual braking systems to provide added safety for both the rider and the people around him or her. These include independent front wheel brakes, independent rear wheel brakes, and parking brakes that are located on either side of the handlebars.

Mobility Scooters
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Why Choose Access 4 Mobility for Mobility Scooters?

Access 4 Mobility is a trusted source for mobility scooters and accessories. We offer a variety of quality models, including 3-wheel, 4-wheel, and traditional mobility scooters as well as medical scooters. Access 4 Mobility offers an amazing warranty program. With this warranty, customers can feel happy knowing that if anything goes wrong they are protected by the warranty. With the support team located in Florida, USA they are able to provide you with their expert knowledge about how to choose the right mobility scooter for your needs.

Access 4 Mobility also has a wide range of aftermarket products available for purchase including tires, lift kits, bigfoot pedals, or easy-grip handles.

Access 4 Mobility is the Leading and Premier Choice in Power Mobility Scooters

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Access 4 Mobility offers the largest selection of the best power mobility scooters for the lowest prices. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Access 4 Mobility (A4M) has earned itself a reputation as one of the leading and premier choices in supply and service throughout North America.

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